Welcome to Manège en Sucre, where girls from 2 to 12 years can find their dream wardrobe, where clothing exudes personality, and thoughtful attention to details is intrinsic to every design.

Manège en Sucre style can be defined as the perfect mix and balance between timeless french style, and the energy you breath in London. Our occasionwear dresses are in fact chic, yet original, as we want our girls to stand our from the crowd.

Manège en Sucre is a luxury girlswear brand created by Marine Lloris, specialised in high-end dresses. Marine is mother to two girls, Anna-Rose and Giuliana, the inspiration behind her brand, and is the wife of Tottenham Hotspur captain and goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris, who is also captain of the French national team.


Manège en Sucre garments are produced in Italy by able seamstresses, and in London, close to our studio, as we want to make sure that every piece is made with care.

When clients shop at Manège en Sucre, they are also buying ethical manufacturing, as this is how all our dresses are realized.
At Manège en Sucre, every dress is truly made with love.